What You Think The 2016 IKEA Catalogue? The Question of The Week

The question of this week is a must. No doubt the big news in recent days in decoration It has been the launch of the 2016 IKEA catalog in its version for Spain and I bet many of you have already seen it. I have already spoken about it long and hard here in Decoesfera, so what I would like to now is to know your opinion.

What you think of the 2016 IKEA catalog?

The idea is that you tell what you think the news, if you think that there are things that are already very views, if you like the new IKEA approach with an emphasis on the table… In summary that what we want is that all comment opinions about the new catalogue in our answers section which, among other things, for that is.

The question of the week: what you has pleased more of Zara Home 2015 fall-winter collection?

Just last week I We also asked for updates of trend, in that case by the of the new season of Zara Home collection. And it is that all firms leverage the end of August and return to school to surprise us and try to encourage us with their new proposals.

The truth is that you have not been very inspired with the answers, I guess the end of the holiday we were all busy, but I if I wanted to give my opinion with regard to Zara Home proposals that in general it liked me:

To my floral inspired print on textiles, which are perfect for a touch of joy to the cold seasons making them a little less gray 😉

I hope that this week, with September already released, are all back and let us a lot of opinions in the answers section.