Three Types of Facade for a Single Building: Cajamar in AlmeriA

If you think that in a single building can be a kind of facade, you were wrong. In building Cajamar in Almería There are even three different and that supposed an interesting aesthetic contrast. The three types of facade that can be found are: large white volume of GRC panel photocatalytic, ventilated facade of Dekton® color Sirocco and curtain wall protected by ceramic lamas.

In addition, this building has another interesting feature that is the aesthetic continuity of the work. An effect achieved thanks to the fact that the exterior flooring is introducing in a discreet and elegant way to the inside of the building, covering all areas to the public outside can go within the construction.

Material Dekton®, applied on the facade, * not intended to resemble any type of stone * acquires an identity and Sirocco color contributes greatly to this. Sirocco limestone grey is very elegant and its texture gives a totally natural and look sober the whole of the building.

In addition to the aesthetic also interested in technical specifications. Qualities as your high resistance to UV rays, its resistance to ice and thawing, its color stability or its high resistance to stains are essential concepts for application in exterior facades of these features.

The selected key is very clear to avoid the “heat island” effect. Danae’s Dekton® color, with its creamy tone, inspired by the Roman travertine and with a matte finish that suggests a classic warmth, conforms to the technical requirements relating to the absorption of UV light.

As regards Interior stairs, areas that do not receive much external light, a light and creamy tone encourages and helps that these spaces are not absorbed by the darkness.