The Passionate Red of Laccato Passione

The personality of this is evident already Bontempo finish when we heard your name: Laccato Passione. Intensity and stimulation are its main features, noticeable immediately in any environment that includes this hue in your color palette.



Red never goes unnoticed – whether as protagonist of a space or as striking detail amazing the monotony. We started our tour of some of the possibilities of Laccato Passione visiting a guest suite and signed by architect Nataly Saints in partnership with Bontempo Santos.



The Red of the comfortable sum to the vibrant Lacca Giallo trimmer. The combination gives a playful and relaxed atmosphere in the dorm, who still has the presence of yellow in two niches in the closet, executed with the Kashmir and Lacca Giallo. Also it is worth noting the presence of red and yellow on the pillows and the comfortable beds support, designed by Bontempo exclusively for this project.



Found another example of the wealth of possibilities of Laccato Passione dormitory designed by interior designer Luciana Mara Parker, in partnership with Bontempo Balneário Camboriú. Here, the Red comes into line with the Giallo and Laccatos Petrolio and Woody Noce Autunno. The colors enhance the game of volumes caused by the alternation of open and closed niches of the furniture shapes and colours against the monotony.



The merges with the wood WINS space also multifunctional environment created by Bontempo Balneário Camboriúthis time, in composition with Laminato Strisce Noce. The trimmer and the niches in the red hue giving even more strengthto the contrast of shades of Brown, favoring the coziness of the environment – whether for leisure or professional activities.



Can you imagine all that vibe in your House? Then discover other projects materialized with the Laccato Passione. And count on to reawaken the passion for Bontempo your House.