The House of The Water in Zapopan, The Tradition Built into Most Modern Design

The House of water, located in Zapopan (Mexico), is the work of the architecture Studio Almazán Arquitectos Asociados and I have fallen in love with because it has managed to bring together the classic elements of nature and integrate them seamlessly into a completely modern, contemporary design house.

As its name suggests, the House of water, has an undisputed protagonist: water.

The main element of the design of the House, was a sine qua non of the client, a great lover of diving and it is precisely the liquid element who it accompanies the visitor from the entrance, and throughout the rooms and spaces that make it up.

They are created through the use of well-defined volumes, large living spaces, with a masterly design of double height and intermediate courtyards, which by means of ventilation and lighting getting amazing effects of light and breadth inland, making the most of natural light.

Built under the premises of sustainability, It has been also convenience, savings and resource efficiency. A milestone in a private residence of these characteristics in Jalisco.

The walls are shining white marble, the wood and stone manage to make spaces, spaces of great comfort, simplicity and elegance. Each space has a luminous atmosphere that highlights and integrates the furniture, In addition to that harmonizes with the various finishes.

The House is built in an area of 2,134 m2, with 1500 m2 of constructed area and features with 1,077 m2 garden, which create pleasant environments, along with the use of water, manage different views, are received by integrating the right way the exterior with the interior.

On the first floor, the wood deck nearly 17 meters long, surrounded by mirrors of water, a fountain and a planter that distribute the passage to different spaces, where we can find: a bedroom for guests with bathroom and terrace with views to the water mirror, later, the bathroom of courtesy and an office lobby.

At that same level continues the spectacular dining room, illuminated by a large window that opens onto a terrace, perfect for informal lunches and family, overlooking the rear garden, where is located the pool.

Then find the kitchen and the office, interior gardens that offer scope for space.

The family rooms are located on the second floor, divided into three areas, in the master bedroom with views of the pool, is the second area is the living room family and another bedroom with bathroom, and in the third, three bedrooms with terrace.

As you can see one * big house for a large family * do you think the? House of water?