The Cottage by Architect Andrea Gonçalves

The feeling of being in an old Villa, updated with modern facilities and furnishings. This was the starting point of the project designed by Dana Gee, materialized by Bontempo Goiânia. We went back to the past of large farmhouses, with bows and embracing your entire avarandada House architecture, allowing shade andfresh air all day,” says the architect.

Our route starts at be, integrated into the dining room, which brings a beautiful credenza in Lacca Bianco and Cacao. The wood is present in frames, floor, ceiling and behind the tv, in a solid wood panel. Furniture in leather and straw are in warm climate and composition of the country house.



In the master bedroom, a bedside Panel in Legno Macassar highlights the breadth of space with your horizontal line. The natural wood finish blade confers nobility and warmth to the environment, in an elegant combination with other shades of the dorm.



In the suites, the Bianco Pronvezale reveals another possibility of wood tones ofBontempo, with clearly present in your Panel. The space enhances the lightness of environment and provides tranquility to guests.



In the boys room, the finishing Lacca Bianco and Turquese, the shelves and the Panel are a combination of modern and quiet. It all worked out for the convenience and fun of the small. The Bontempo has a variety of materials that gives us freedom without falling into sameness. Each project may display your originality,according to the taste of the client and the architect “, the architect.



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