Tempaper by You, Tea Helps to Draw Your Wall

Within the collections of wall paper, There is one that has become increasingly important and is where does not come painted, It offers us a blank surface for us draw. Tempaper It is a type of contemporary wall paper that offers several designs to choose from and also the model by you, that is what allows us to unleash our more artistic side.

I believe that not all the walls House, but at least one, everyone should place a paper of this type, or to half-height, or in the entire wall, the case is having a space in which draw y To write freely, on a permanent basis or that can delete and repeat, if there is children at home I think it essential, love children to express and create on the wall, and there are also many adults who love.

In the case of Tempaper by you, the paper admits to be painted with different kinds of paint, markers, pens … the paper is self-adhesive and very easy to install, if at some point we get tired of the drawings, remove it and either paint with solid-colored paint or put in place another paper with a standard print.