Take Advantage of The Broken Dishes: Make Plant Markers

To refer to the consequences of disasters of different types are usually used to phrases like these: who pays for the broken dishes? who collects the broken dishes?… Well, today we want to give a positive tinge to these broken dishes, and it is that everything can be leveraged with optimism and good eye.

Esther Coombs is the author of this idea, a few different and really tough, markers that can be used from year to year, since apparently they hold well the weather. They are made with pieces of crockery a pole-mounted and labeled with the name of the chosen plant. You can buy in your Etsy Shop, but we can also encourage us to make them.

We are sure that in some corner of the House we have a few dishes that are never going to use, either because they do not like or have become outdated or descuadrados, that when the dishes are breaking, always orphaned two or three at the bottom of a wardrobe.

Break them we will release stress, but we must be careful to do it safely, controlling waste and away from children and pets. We will try to have a proper and uniform size pieces. A beautiful letter applied with ceramic paint the personal touch, if we dare with a drawing, as seen in the image, it will be for registration. Once dry, apply extra strong adhesive on the back to stick to a small stake.

To my I love for its originality, and also because I think one idea a little crazy, as well as very colorful.