Take Advantage of The Boxes and The Shells of The Eggs Using Them as Small Pots

With both eggs these days, be used to decorate or make desserts with them, it is possible that you are gathering at home a lot of shells and boxes. The truth is that boxes of eggs gives penalty throw them, carton with which they are made is tough enough and it seems logical to think of new uses for them.

Also the shells of the eggs are very resistant and so although it is not so frequent they can be leveraged. Many of the ideas focused on the recycling of egg shells pass by first converting them to treat them like sand powder, but I found this other idea proposed to use as containers, in particular as small pots, that I liked much more.

The idea may not be easy, we take clean the shells of the eggs and put them in its origin entering them land and placing in each one of them a small plant or some grass. We can decorate with figures or motifs of our choice to form a small garden, the result depends on our imagination.

The project may be interesting to make it with children, set up a small garden to suit in a stand like this insurance that will be fun for them. I personally think that it return lawn, fashionable, is well and taking into account the size of the pots is not logical to think of large-sized plants.