Sustainability, Tradition and Modernity in a Rural House in La Cerdanya

There are rehabilitation projects that are really impressive, both its starting point and the result. It is the case that today we discovered, that it has managed return to life a typical architectural ensemble of the Pyrenees region of La Cerdanya, understanding architectural ensemble, in this case, a home surrounded by buildings for agricultural and livestock work, something very common in the area.

What the new owners wanted was to unify these buildings to turn them into a main home with three annexes to guests. The idea was the of keep your outward appearance, but deeply transforming the interiors. Stays sober and timeless, in accordance with the environment, connected among themselves and with the outside through large windows that granted all the prominence to spectacular views were sought in the reform. DOM architecture It was commissioned to carry out the project with very good result, we’ll see it..

The interior of the buildings It is reorganized in connected spaces, divided into two floors. In them the original stone walls alternated with others treated with lime stucco or wood-clad and wood beams are also preserved in some ceilings.

To add a note of modernity, some more contemporary elements are arranged, but without disturbing the sobriety of the interior design. For example, as far as materials referred to, black iron fireplaces in the living rooms, stairs of folded sheet metal, metal pipe handrails, table and benches in the main dining room or the tables.

The kitchen of the main dwelling is a beauty, as you can see in the photos above. In it the furniture is available online throughout the six meters and half of one of the walls, offering everything you need for work and storing without subtracting an iota of habitability to stay.

Materials applied in the ground serve to mark the transitions between different spaces: thus, both in the kitchen and in the areas of step is used to hydraulic tiles of blue Acocsa, reserving the parquet natural wood aged to the living areas. For the furniture of the kitchen, Trac Cuines chooses model silk grey sand of Saints, a design that adapts perfectly to the colour palette of the interior design by tone and uniformity of their foreheads,.

This rehabilitation is a perfect combination of sustainability, tradition and modernity. The starting point was an estate of more than 600 square meters with a House, a badiu, a block, a store, a barn and a small house, surrounded by fields of work and next to a small rural town.

Now buildings have been adapted to the needs of modern life but without betraying its essence. The intervention has respected the size and external appearance of buildings, limited to rehabilitate facades of native stone and ceramic tile covers. and he has also recovered the badiu, pictured below, an open space and typical of the area.

To my I liked everything, but especially the living area and connection that is perceived between the interior and the environment of the dwelling, and to you, what is the space that you like the most?