Stylish Bubbles Dampens Sound

The recent interior design trends have meant hard floors, open floor plans and minimalism. At the same time we acquire more and more devices and together, this is a desperate need for the mute, for the health and wellbeing of clarity. This took the interior designer Christel Månsson mind when she developed sound-absorbing “Woolbubbles”.

Open between the kitchen and the living room is cozy. Hard floors have become modern, we are deliberately down the amount of carpets and curtains in the interiors.

Mechanical ventilation systems are installed in many new buildings and even if the noise is low frequency, the sound is still there in the background somewhere.

Stylish Bubbles Dampens Sound 1

Perhaps it has slipped into a home theater where in the living room, for the sound to be extra good. And a fridge freezer with ice-maker who stands and growls regular or convection oven whizzing when it is on. Anyone have the computer on the kitchen table. Children play and dad talking on the phone.

The sound bounces between the hard floor and to the clean, minimalist decor. It is simply difficult to relax and modern daily noise affects health in the long run. For both adults and children related demonstrated between noise exposure and reduced performance in various think-consuming tasks. The most affected by the noise are reading, attention, problem solving ability and memory, according to the Institute of Environmental Medicine at Karolinska Institutet.

Noise and low frequency sounds around us creates stress and tinnitus has increased significantly, says interior designer Christel Månsson. This means that we need to relax when we get home. Instead, brain stress remain in the home, with all the sounds that bounce through the often open spaces.

Stylish Bubbles Dampens Sound 2

We perform many activities at the same place in the home, but in many cases have removed the natural sound attenuation in the shape of walls, carpets and curtains, but I think it’s time to think again, says Christel, and deliver such as improving the acoustics.

Attenuation can produce textiles, upholstered furniture, curtains and carpets. In public places such as offices, including wall clocks, it is common to mount the acoustic panels in the ceiling to reduce sound propagation in the room.

But Christel Månsson have seen that there is also a need for better and not least better looking silencing, and has developed textile wall panels, which she calls”Woolbubbles”. The bubbles are filled with a specially developed sound-absorbing foam and has a surface of wool, which makes them both sound absorbing and stylish at the same time. They come in 15 different colors, which makes them easy to place in the most diverse environments.

My Woolbubbles be used in combination with other acoustic measures, says Christel.

If you have, for example, open between the kitchen and living room can be a good idea to place them at the dining table or sofa and armchairs where the sound bounces off the most. Price is a composition of 7 different elements are SEK 10 000 incl. VAT.

It is not surprising that the niche for stylish silencing growing strong right now. There are more than Christel who have teamed to develop stylish silencing, eg Offecct and ZilenZio.

Stylish Bubbles Dampens Sound 3

Christel Månsson will exhibit their Woolbubbles at Stockholm Furniture Fair on 6-10 February