Play Make Your Own Furniture with Cardboard Parts of Petar Zaharinov

When we have just bought a house many times we have not too much money for furniture, if we live rental do not want to invest much in them because we do not know for how long we are going to use. There are situations in which different cardboard furniture can be a good alternative the wood more durable, but also more expensive.

The idea that I taught today is Petar Zaharinov, It is not the first to design cardboard furniture that we can fit on our own, but it has created one of the most varied and versatile Collections. It is a series of pieces of cardboard with which the user can set different furniture, the same parts can lead to more than one piece of furniture according to the needs of each moment.

The cardboard furniture have the advantage that they are light, easy to move from one side to another, to assemble and disassemble, store, transport. Even a child could be moved without great effort and this is very positive if we have a changing and a somewhat nomadic life.

But at the same time they are resistant, they are designed to ensure that they are fully functional and so that they can withstand the weight corresponding to its utility and more. Tables, chairs and storage furniture, even if they are made in cardboard, serve for their use of the same hardness of materials.

In the photo above you can see all the selection of furniture that can be built with the pieces of Tape Flips carton, that this is how the collection is named. In the case, for example, of the table with two chairs and shelving, they get with the same parts. The collection includes also tapes of colours with which we can further customize and decorate sets.


Portable expo stand for SiteGround

Portable expo stand for SiteGround