New Rooms At Gustaf 4.5 Years

Christel Månsson was commissioned to decorate Gustaf boy’s room. It was a hot and sunny Supermanrum Gustaf happy to hang in all day.

It is quite large when one is 4.5 years.


Name: Gustav
Age: 4.5 years
Interests: Build with Lego and playing games
Favorite Hero: Superman
Favorite color: Yellow

Gustaf rooms are approximately 8 square meters and has a sloping ceiling which is painted white tongue. The floor consisted of white oiled pine planks, as well as throughout the rest of the first floor where Gustaf’s room is located. There was a blue dresser family wanted to keep, the rest got Christel free to propose furniture and furnishings for children’s room.This was the conditions Christel Månsson had when she was commissioned to do a cozy pojkrum Gustaf.

Christel’s first impression was that Gustaf corner room was cold, especially the floor. The 8 square meters room comprised also put some limitations.

why I suggested a carpet that will make the floor and the entire room hotter, says Christel.

New Rooms At Gustaf 4.5 Years 1

When interviewed Christel Gustaf she noticed that he’s a guy like Superman and love to build with Lego. He also had a direct and clear answer to the question about favorite. Yellow! Gustaf love yellow. Christel therefore decided early on that both the walls and the carpet would be in yellow. Having the same color on the floors and walls create a tranquil whole to the small room that can easily become cluttered.

How do you get into Superman in it all? Christel had an idea to put a slice of plexiglass in front of the high, narrow window. On the plexiglass then mounted a transparent image of Superman that lights up when you put a lamp behind. The disc is mounted on a rail so that it can take away from the window. The image colors, blue, red, yellow, and black became the theme of the room.

Parents were concerned for the color yellow would be annoying, but now they are super happy. All as drawn to the yellow room which just feels warm and positive, says Christel.

New Rooms At Gustaf 4.5 Years 2

The bed is a Brekke 90×200 cm from Ikea with spring mattress that Gustav could grow in.
Here we chose a model that has three sturdy drawers underneath where you can put away the toys, says Christel.

The bed was available only in white, so it had to be submitted on the painting to be black.
Superman image has touches of black and it’s good to pick up the color from big brother’s neighboring rooms, you get harmony when walking between rooms.

As the spotlight has Christel put a globe in the wall clocks, which fits in well with the Superman theme. Moreover, it Gustaf’s favorite thing in the entire room.

I drew first in the at the foot of the bed, but when everything was in place so suited globe better in the small window.

Both Gustav and his parents are super happy with the new children’s room. The floors have been much warmer. The yellow color makes you never want to leave this positive homely place. And the toys has been cleared in and they can now be easily stowed away and the space under the bed and in the small cabinet with glass doors.

New Rooms At Gustaf 4.5 Years 3
If you put glass doors in front of the bookcase looks suddenly much more tidy, even if things may be a little helter-skelter inside. And they are of course often in children’s rooms.