Mostra “Contrasts” Discusses the Concept of Trends in Stockholm Design Week


Times are changing. Let’s welcome this transformation, turn everything upside down and play with our interiors. I believe it is time to tear down old rules and start all over again. Mix materials sober with bold, soft colours with bright tones and use the spaces in new ways. The borders are down. The Declaration in manifest is the renowned Swedish decorator responsible for curating A Lotta of space Contrasts, which integrates Mobile show of the Stockholm Design Week.


Lotta proposes a deeper reflection on the concept of trends. For her, this is something that goes far beyond the choice of colors of the year, for example. “I believe that the climate issues, politics and the economy reflect and define our needsalso in interiors. After years of security and growing economy, we had clear andbright spaces. But when the weather and the economy become uncertain, immediately began to nest. At such times, we want our surroundings is comfortable and secure, then our walls become darker and welcoming , analyzes the Decorator in the text that accompanies the show.



With furniture and accessories of various brands, the space was designed by Lotta intended to inspire people to play more with the use of materials, colors and textures. A hybrid environment, without predefined rules, that could be a home,an Office or even a store. “I wanted to create a space where materials and contrasting colors to meet in an unexpected ways. What happens if you paint a rose, just put Office acoustic panels in a room and put on old furniture with fur and velvet? “asks the Decorator.



Technological changes transformed our habits constantly, but how it affects the places we go? If our offices, shops and hotels are starting to resemble houses, as we want so that our houses look like? Already we see many private dormitories if like hotel rooms and kitchens that look like bistros into our homes. Are reflections that the Stockholm Design week launch for those seeking new possibilities of decorating and inhabit spaces.



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