Lacca Cielo: Gray’s Versatility in Decorating

Sophisticated and with endless possibilities of combination, the Lacca Cielo, Bontempo, the subtle and multiple variations of tones of the concrete. Today we present here some dorm projects materialized by Bontempo in that the finish participates with your beauty and versatility.

We started with an environment that shows the Lacca Cielo in dialogue with one of the shades of orange line Molti Colori. Designed by architects Rafael Canul and Silvana Margarin, Calli architecture, in partnership with Florianópolis’s dorm Bontempo also brings the gray Lino Piombo. The result is a room that merges sobriety and relaxation.

Orange vibration for a clean alternative. This project of the architects Ana Cristina Abreu and Talita of Castro, materialized in partnership with Bontempo Goiânia,promotes a clean décor that combines the ashes of Lacca Cielo and LinoPiombo. The Panel used as a headboard comes in tune with the colors of the furniture and bedding, creating an atmosphere of tranquility.

Once again, Molti Colori WINS space – this time in blue. The project is the interior designers Carla Santana Silveira and Ruth de Souza Schutz, performed with Bontempo Florianópolis. The closet with doors in Lacca Cielo favors the timelessness of the environment thought to a child, but that could accompany her for a few years. The blue gives the playful touch, without the decor becomes a child.

In the project of architect Mariana fishing, materialized with the Bontempo Florianópolis, once again the Lino Piombo comes to enlarge the shades of gray. The Cielo in matte and gloss versions also contributes to the change, approaching thegreen tones of the pillows. It is worth noting that everything was thought to be in harmony with the sea view of the bed. All about, right?

Elegant, Lacca Cielo shows that gray is an excellent choice for environments thatare betting on sobriety of a neutral tone and its surprising combinations. How about trying new colors in your House?