Integrated Environments for Entertaining Friends and Family, in the Project of Architect Mariana Fishing

New year is a time for gatherings and celebrations, and nothing better than having a nice area and prepared to receive friends and family. A solution to make the most of those moments are the integrated environments that facilitate the conviviality and the movement of people between different corners. That’s what we found in this project of architect Mariana fishing, materialized by Bontempo Florianópolis.



No wall remained in your place of origin, all ceramic tiles and floors were exchanged, as well as sanitary vitreous Chinaware and metal. It was made of plaster lining, project luminaire with automation, i.e. a complex work, “recalls the architect,who worked from the request of a contemporary apartment, with emphasis in white and turquoise accents.



“We chose a light line Molti Colori lacca to give a little contrast with the white present in loose furniture, floor, ceiling and walls,” he explains. Panels were used to camouflage the entrances to the rooms and the bathroom. To promote the breadth of space, a mirror shares space with the dining table.




An extensive buffet in Laminato Larice was designed to organize the dishes andautomation equipment, with vents on the bottom. About the mobile, two shelves in L welcome decorative items, with two rods in C, contributing to the sense ofa large and airy environment.



In the tv environment, the screen was installed on a Dekton, backlit stone. The same stone was used in the bleachers that unites living and kitchen a totally white room, with glass finishes Cristallo Acidato and Milk, and countertop Cabinet in Annata Bianco. A detail that draws attention is the custom panel of Bontempopresent on the underside of the countertop, with design by the client himself and materialized by Bontemporemind here our possibilities of custom panels.




It is extremely reassuring to know that a company with qualified Design Department can understand masterfully our idea and, better yet, you can execute it. Thus, after check and sign the technical folder, peaceful work in other add-ons of the project, with the confidence that, when the furniture arrived, will be assembled in exactly the way we create, without any way or adaptation in the Nick of time, “reports the architect about your partnership with Bontempo.


Follow the blog. This week we will introduce more integrated environments materialized by the factory of the impossible.