Incredible Apartment In Only 38m 2

The small apartments opens the door to great ideas and distributions. This House is a clear example of what I mean. The truth is that seeing the images of this minipiso located in Kiev it seems incredible to have only 38 M 2.
The truth is that it seems science fiction that this House has only 38 M 2. In them the Interior Designer Elena Fateeva has been able to distribute success the kitchen, bedroom, dining room, lounge, study, bathroom, entrance and bedroom area. And over the rooms are spacious and not give the feeling of narrowness.

Incredible Apartment In Only 38m 2 1

Although it may seem a paradox in this occasion dark colors give a visual range dividing the House into two parts:

On the one hand we find a large surface in deep turquoise that ranges from the entrance to the dining room including the kitchen wall clocks. Difficult not to surrender to this kitchen! A daring bet that character into the atmosphere. Also included this color on the walls of the dressing room and bath accents to create continuity.

On the other hand light, and white spaces with original separations that remind us of the dividing screens of offices.

If you look at the images, the Interior Designer responsible for reforming this floor plays both with light as with colors.

Incredible Apartment In Only 38m 2 2

As for the light:

Panels that divide the bedroom have various glazed areas so that the light to flood the darker area of the apartment.

To enhance the light and airy feel also settled an original and practical mirror panel with a magazine rack… Don’t miss this detail is unique!

As for the color:

But in fact the basis of this mini-flat is neutral. The floors are in light wood and most of the walls are white. The optical sense is very colorful. The turquoise color is mixed without complexes with intense Pinks, dark woods and leather. You entreverías you?

Incredible Apartment In Only 38m 2 3


But the genius moves to every corner. There is an untapped square meter. And if not look small study that was installed in the area of step towards the bedroom! Or the area of storage at the foot of the bed in the dividing wall of the living room and bedroom.