Furniture Dresser Volumptuous of Edward Johnson in Oak and Lebanese Cedar

Wood as a material for furniture is craftsman by passion and enjoyment by the owner. This is oak modern Dresser Volumptuous designed and manufactured by Edward Johnson.

It is beautiful, it is one work of art and also it perfumes the room where it is installed to the smells of the woods that make up. The interior of the furniture is coated with cedarwood from the most prized in the world, the Lebanese Cedar. The darker edges have been obscured with the technique of smoking to ammonia, the result is a two-tone natural which enhances its lines.

Dan wanted to pet him and check the soft and rounded relief. If you like to attend exhibitions of furniture and art, you will have opportunity to see it exhibited at the London Gallery Millinary The Works during the celebration of the exhibition 21st Century Furniture III from 22 March until 1 may in London.