Flowers and Plastic: Improvising Vases Decoration

In the bag that we keep to the yellow bin you will find the material needed to make these original vases for flowers: bottles and plastic containers.

With a pack of 6 yogurts or petits suisses of colors can get three as cheerful as those who see above. The first thing is to wash them and dry them thoroughly. Cut the bottom of one of them, preferably with scissors of peaks, and stick it upside down on top of another. Let dry and ready, we can now add water and our flowers vases house decoration.

Any bottle of soda will help us for this second idea. We took off the tag and wash it well. We cut the neck, can’t think of a less bloody way to say it, and we make our floral arrangement. In the image, the Office hollandais des fleurs, we see that color straw, also recycled, as background to the gerberas added.

And what do we do with the collar that we cut? Then simply turn it over. We will achieve a perfect staging for a bulb or single flower. That Yes, you have to keep in mind that the color of the flower must be coordinated with the colour of the CAP and the rest of the decoration.