Fewer Partitions and Brighter in This Housing Reform in Toulouse

That are going to take today is one housing in Tolosa, Gipuzkoa, of new construction, but in which Santos Tolosa e Ini & Koki carried out a reform to adapt it to the specific needs of its inhabitants. The owners wanted to have airy interiors, in which predominated the open spaces bathed in natural light that enter from the outside through the numerous and large windows.

So to get it eliminated some partitions in order to join the kitchen with the dining room, on white as dominant color to enhance the feeling of clarity and brightness. A particular highlight is the soil of Mosaista hydraulic tile that delimits the area of cuisine, combining with the microcemento present in the rest of the dwelling, an element which, with its darker tone, contributes to enhance the prominence of the White.

The kitchen is distributed in parallel, with a large area of columns along the wall and opposite, an island with breakfast bar. This provision It promotes the access of natural light through the window. To reinforce the feeling of lightness, it dispenses with the wall units and installed a Bell Extractor recessed in the ceiling.

Countertop laminated blank of the island provides an extra touch of homogeneity to the set, and the smooth front without handles, as well as providing aesthetic purity, allows the opening at any point thanks to its continuous gola. The wood present in the stools and the wall of the dining room gives a warm note to the environment, creating a pleasant and balanced space.

The Island functions as a focal point of the kitchen, focus areas of preparation, washing and cooking, as well as a fully integrated dishwasher, space for sorting waste, a portafregadero with two internal drawers and additional storage area. The Cabinet number-plate holder has three levels of large capacity drawers.

On the other hand the area of columns It extends over four meters, sheltering a module pantry, built-in refrigerator, a holder of cleaning and a movable column coplanar of 180 cm wide, which includes an area for breakfast and another for furnaces, both with own lighting and plugs.

At first glance, this wide and completely new housing offered everything you need to enjoy a comfortable and pleasant family life: three bedrooms, a kitchen, two bathrooms and a living room. However, their owners found it too closed and too compartmentalized and wanted to give a little twist that improve it in this sense making more open spaces and this clearly was a great success.

In the speech, respecting the original distribution, they got connected, open and bright spaces, where abundant natural light can circulate freely, as we can be seen in the images. The key to reform is the Elimination of the partitions that separated the kitchen from the dining room.

In addition the natural light was strengthened with the predominance of white color applied to walls, ceilings, doors and furniture, contrasting with the ground in microcemento, spread through all the rooms, it creates a sense of continuity, harmony and connection between the different environments.

Interesting it is to be noted also that in the master bedroom we used a very clever solution for connected spaces, placing the dressing room in parallel along the corridor of access to the bathroom. Also in the home we have pieces from brands featured as appliances and equipment Gutman or Neff and furniture and details of decoration by muuto and Ferm Living among other firms.

To my I love the contrast between the white, the microcemento and hydraulic tile. And you, what you most like?