Expo Revestir Decorative Vinyls

Finally, the coverage of the Expo Coat 2013 by Simple decoration comes to an end (this time hit record! There were 5 posts! See above). And here are some more beautiful news for you!(Click on image to see larger)

The AssoGlass (special glass pieces) launched its new products, including the PG9311 and PG9321 (30x90cm), what I see acima.Lindas!

The GlassLine showed the line of printed glass tiles Glass Line Wallpaper (Vintage) for facades, swimming pools, bathrooms and gourmet areas. Available in 3 × 3 cm and 10 × 10 cm format, with a thickness of 4 mm.

I met Rak, a company from the United Arab Emirates, coming here (it’s the largest ceramic manufacturer in the world! Respect! Rs!) With this piece that brings metals in its composition, a business!

The DIY Brazil participated for the first time, showing the French products Sénidéco, which has licensed to produce the brand ‘s products in the country: SéniBeton (monolithic coating for 3mm to 4mm thick floor) SéniPierres (decorative coating composed of stone dust And resin that allows to create effects of stones and bricks, very interesting!), StuccoVeneziano lime-based decorative coating) and the traditional Havana line and Fluor (limestone-based decorative coating)

The CEBRACE showed the line Habitat protection sun protection for homes, with the reflective model and Neutral (mirrored or not). They allow for greater thermal comfort (4 to 10mm glass) and can be tempered, laminated, silk-screened, curved or insulated with various colors and thicknesses.

The Deca (always with wonderful stands) has also launched the Cuba L 1120G which has an integrated drawer with cushioning for a soft closing.

The Docol had several releases, including the Massima Dock, what I see above.

In the Duravit Stand (a German multinational that produces complete bathroom lines designed by famous designers and which opened a branch in Brazil in January) I saw beautiful products designed by Phillipe Starck and a sauna that is installed in 4 hours (!!!)

The Miaki Coatings brought a monolithic floor resin-based that can be placed over the previous floor and can be fully customized (finishes, from matte to shiny, with spots, more natural aspects, paint flakes, with painting techniques Reproduce granite and marble, etc. and colors, designs, glitter and quartz, etc.).

The highlight of Tramontina was the hood, cooktop and oven of the Dark Blue Line, which combines the blue color with the exclusive mirror finish. It also showed the Cooktop the induction Mono Ei30, small and can be brought to the table.

Well, of course even with this entire week dedicated to the Expo Revestir, I left a lot of cool things out … I did not even mention laminate floors, decorative music vinyls, etc, etc … But it would be impossible to show everything. Here at buywyncote you can get more different models and styles of home decor items.