Do It Yourself: Furniture Storage and Separator of Environments with Wooden Boxes

Bearing in mind that the weather has not yet finished to settle among us, many will be those who enjoy this weekend passed through water at home. So here’s a proposal of DIY to create a piece of furniture so beautiful and functional that serves for the storage and also as room divider. It therefore helps us to take advantage of the space and at the same time to maintain order, a simple project you can not ask more.

Moreover, this project is based on an idea that is very fashionable lately and is the decorate with wooden boxes. Wooden boxes can be used to build a lot of unique and also versatile furniture that fit the needs of each home. If the boxes are recycled we also contribute to the reduction of waste and with the advantage that the furniture will get super cheap.

This project is the brainchild of Bosch DIY to convert traditional wooden boxes in a functional auxiliary furniture that can be adapted to all types of stays and which fits well in different decorative styles. The preparation is very simple. The materials we need are eight wooden boxes, 18 screws and obviously, the right tools to give form to all that is done in three easy steps.

The first step is sanding wooden boxes, It is important that the surfaces are well prepared for their subsequent treatment and although we can hand sanding easier is to do it with a power Sander that will save us a lot of efforts.

It next will be Paint boxes, inside and out, you can choose acrylic color paint that we like, but I think that in white are excellent as we can see in the first picture of this article. If we paint with a spray tool it will be important that we cover the area with a plastic not stain and also we give two coats of paint to achieve a good finish.

Once the boxes have dried, now finally, we apilaremos them in the way that we like and that best suits the needs our home and the available space. It only remains now two screws on each side of the box, for which Bosch recommended, for example, the screwdriver with battery lithium IXO, which we can see in the photo above, is easy to use and will allow us to screw quickly.

And that’s it We have our shelf list, prepared to put things in it and ideal for separating two environments in a same room, such as the seating area and the dining area in the living room. Don’t you love as it has been?