Customize Your Textile Accessories Trimmings Details

The back to school, as well as the beginning of the year, is time to changes. Changes in the habits of life, changes in the Cabinet and changes also in the decoration of the home. You don’t have to be a complete renovation, it can be simply one improvement in the small details. For example, the trimmings You can help us to customize our home textiles for the new season.

It’s small decorative details that are used to further customize cushions, curtains, blinds, screens, lamps, table cloths, napkins or any textile article for home and therein in Demarques are experts. As you know the trend crafter has returned to the world of fashion and decoration to stay: fringes, strawberry, borlones, cords, ribs and trimmings to be friends. It is not those outdated embellishments… Now the colors and designs have changed and are really updated.

These parts are ideal for the classroom, they already allow us to give a different air with something as simple as decorating with a sleeker, more luxurious and more fun air pads. They are also very recurrent to decorate curtains and shelves in any room. Braid strips are the classic shot of the upholstery of chairs and contribute to create the link between the fabric and wood or material of the structure.

Between the parts of trimmings which we may use to customize our textile articles as cushions or curtains are clamps which combine PomPoms with cord, braided straps or braids with beads as some of the details that we can see in the photos in this article. It is only to choose what best suits with our complements and let’s get to work.