Catherine’s Hen Party: Sweet Table and Decoration

Catherine’s hen party-it was finally last weekend! So listening to Catherine’s colleagues, she was also very excited before this first wedding event and full of anticipation! Probably not quite as excited, how she will be already enough before the wedding! I’m going again to buy Valerian drops… 😉

For me as maid of honor, it was the weekend of the three wedding events (JGA, registry office and church wedding…), which for me meant the most work for me (I say now just in my youthful recklessness ;-)) and I made me a certain amount of pressure: Catherine has organized a super beautiful and perfect JGA me two years ago and since I wanted to repay me of course!)

Catherine's Hen Party Sweet Table and Decoration

But the only way, because: the JGA was also the event where I myself really could let off steam, as regards the planning, decoration and the DIYs and that was super! This planning and crafting is fun me really and in it I go to. The many small DIYs as the pennant badges for the girls sew crafts, and PomPoms aufpuscheln were my nightly Yoga replacement 😉 And the little sister marries finally only once (hopefully ;-))!

Catherine's Hen Party Sweet Table and Decoration 1

Catherine will tell you soon from their great day and a few more things to the end reveal how her outfit looked like and what has given to them (yeah, there were gifts – somehow we got probably wrong that with the JGA – we were much too nice ;-)) but today I’ll show you once before, as our apartment was so decorated and that what sisters event of course not be missing at a two weddings : a candy bar and a sweet table! And don’t worry, my husband has spent a very nice long weekend in Berlin, the thought of 17 party crazy girls in our apartment was so creeps him…

Catherine's Hen Party Sweet Table and Decoration 3

On Friday night, it was in small round off with Champagne cocktails, homemade pizza, a smallcandy bar, homemade lemonade and delicious ice-cream. The whole was allowed to be there but still too wild, we had to be so fit for the next day…

We have the beautiful cups, plates, napkins and straws by the way of the great online shop My Bridal Shower, the tassel Garland and the many pretty PomPoms from Michael your life and the stylish folding rosettes by the Partyerie sponsored get! I’m thrilled by all three online shops and highly recommend the products, the quality is really great! If you’re so still looking for decorations and party accessories for your wedding and celebration, you can check to find the things that you want, a look definitely there! * my husband has the Panel for his favorite sister-in-law homemade (and really without any influence from me!) – sweet or? 🙂

Catherine's Hen Party Sweet Table and Decoration 2

On Saturday afternoon we got back in our apartment, to us with cake, POPs, Macarons, and other goodies to strengthen cake before the evening started…

Sooooo, their loved ones, those were my insight to Catherine JGA, more there then soon of the bride to be! I can tell you so much she was very very happy and the night ended only at sunrise on the fish market… But that’s really me 😉

If you have any questions, where what made or recipes want to know, let me know in the comments or by email.

You got to have a nice Sunday!