Casa Cor RS: Refuge of the Architect Brings Balance in the Mix of Materials

Integrated environments living, kitchen and dining area value living. Signed by the architect Andrea Magalhães, the refuge of the space Architect, in Casa Cor RS, considers the most modern and contemporary furniture and finishes, in addition to being a real invitation to relax.



White, one of the great passions of the architect, is the protagonist. He appears in the living room, in the cupboard and on the furniture of the kitchen finishing Lacca Bianco and Laccato Bianco. The Union of this classic with other materials, such as glass, steel and aluminum, illustrating the timelessness of the project andstill brings a sense of comfort so necessary in the day to day routine.




In living, 2 mobile attention: a beautiful Bookshelf in the finish Noce Autunno seems to float in the environment and is responsible for letting the room even cozier. Already the Panel in the same finish down the wall of the home theater, shows the love of Andrea by technology through a fully automated system of light, sound and image.




The finish Noce Autunno (exclusive Bontempo) makes it more cozy with your woody tone and also has a great resistance. The smooth effect of your texture is clearly noticeable to the touch, “adds Andrea.


The Casa Cor Rio Grande do Sul came to celebrate, in addition to the 30 years of existence of the event in all Brazil, the 25 years of the shows in the State. In this Edition, which takes place at the Petrópole Tennis Club (Rua Do Santos, 451, Petrópolis), we see an interesting meeting of styles, from art deco to the Scandinavian, in 44. Among them, the Cucina 25 spaces and refuge of the Architect, brings the power of implementation and customization of Bontempo. Check out some of the highlights of the show, which is open to the public until 21 August.


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