Casa Cor Goiás: the Sophisticated Studio 777, the Architect Andre Lenza

The Bontempo participates in another edition of Casa Cor, that in 2016 shows the latest interior design trends in 18 Brazilian States and also in Bolivia, Ecuador,Peru and the on in Miami. In addition to being in São Paulo – remember here, here and here the power of materialization of Factory of the impossible is present in two rooms of the Casa Cor Goiás open to the public until June 22. In today’s post, we’ll visit the living designed by architect Andre Lenza; also check outthe space architect Milena Niemeyer, which is part of the show.

Called 777original address of the STUDIO building which houses the Casa CorGoiás-search space to value the history of the sitefirst clinic of Goiânia and one of the few buildings in the region that have not followed the art deco style, customary in the 1930, when it was built. The role is the Panel in Legno Rosso, Bontempo.



The Panel has made all the difference to the project. People are impressed to learn that it is a natural wood “says the architect, valuing also the high gloss of the finish, the warm tones and the discretion of the amendments, that pass completely unnoticed. Highlighting one detail: the effect of suspension caused by lowerlighting.



The environment was designed for a young entrepreneur who likes to receive friends for moments of leisure. Sobriety is revealed in dark tones that make up theliving, combined with neutral toneslike closet in Lacca Cielo, Bontempo, and intimate lighting of spots, installed in Rails, which confer an urban twist.



The 59 m ² of the environment feature pieces signed by great names in design and the arts. A real dream team formed by Arthur Casas, Sundays Tórtora, Elizabeth Fonseca, Fernando Zanardi, Gilberto Paim, Hugo France, Marcelo Solá, MariaCândido Machado, Naldo Mundin and Rejane oak.



Be sure to visit the Casa Cor Goiás. Come celebrate the transformation of the CMAC (Central high-cost medicines) Juarez Barbosa to receive the shows and sophisticated environments as the STUDIO André Lenza, 777, and the Piano et VinMilena Niemeyer.