Boredom Hanging on the Hook – Wardrobes of Graz Design

Personal charm in the corridor

Wardrobes are underestimated.They are among the most boring places in the whole house.Constantly, residents and guests rush past them, hang something up, hang something off and sometimes even the cleanliness on the line.Cloakrooms have really not easy – forgotten in the hallway.But it does not have to be like this!Cloakrooms also offer space for loving and individual design – in the following you will learn how.

Gather the wardrobe life

So that your hallway consists of more than just hooks, there is modern and cheap to buy the Wandtattoo wardrobe or sticker coat rack.These wardrobes make more of their corridor, bedroom or children’s room.The large-area motifs are captured with clever designs: whether as a clothesline, flying pigeons, as a footballer, zip fastener or spider net – your clothes hooks will be visually one with the wall decoration.

Boredom Hanging on the Hook - Wardrobes of Graz Design 1

Wherever you need hooks

Of course, you do not have to install your wardrobe in the form of a row, or sacrifice large wall surfaces.For this there are the sticker wardrobes.These are cut to size and the hooks are delivered directly.Wall tattoos and stickers as a wardrobe are available in a wide range of themes, for example for the bathroom, for the children’s room or for the hobby room.Likewise, the Wandtattoo can also be used in the wardrobe in variants which can be installed outside the hall: for example as a hook strip for the cooking utensils in the kitchen, or in a princess style to keep the children’s order in order.Always with you: 5 wall hooks.

Boredom Hanging on the Hook - Wardrobes of Graz Design 2

Fexibel and clean

Both the wall tattoos as well as the wall clocks as wardrobe, are versatile decorations. The color films are suitable for most surfaces: tiles, glass, wood, plastic, wallpapers and even rappers. The wall tattoos can also be used outdoors. The wall hooks are available in different colors and unique designs depending on the model, the mounting is simple and they almost seem to float on the wall. It is important to attach films and hooks that the substrate is free of grease, dust and silicone. If this is the case, the film can be removed without residue. Since the self-adhesive films of the wall tattoos and stickers are water-repellent, a long life is certain.

Boredom Hanging on the Hook - Wardrobes of Graz Design 3
With walltattoos and embroiderers for your wardrobe from Graz Design, you can not only make your hall a part of your personal well-being zone, but also help other rooms to better order.