A House Renovated in Sarria That Exudes Comfort

In Decoesfera we love to see reformed houses, learn about spaces that were once one thing, and now this is another… Charming places that are worth knowing to recreate, and inspire us. Places like this House is located in Sarria-Sant Gervasi and renovated by DOM architecture.

The housing was subjected to a comprehensive reform, ending the previous distribution to the Join spaces as the Hall and the room, or joining the office to the kitchen, to get more size rooms as well and give more light to the House.

The wooden floor intense color, as well as the woods that line some walls provide a pleasant feeling of comfort to areas such as the living room or master bedroom.

Precisely in the classroom, and to contrast, one of the walls has been covered from DM lacquered white, ordering in this way the passage space and giving continuity to the wall of the dining room.

Next to the wooden, iron is one of the materials that give personality to the House, using this material in shelving and dividers between the hallway and the living room prior to the show, which also highlights a cozy fireplace incrustrada wall.

With respect to furniture, in this House furniture and lamps of modern design with classic pieces coexist harmoniously as this beautiful sofa Chester, or the Eames chairs. A House that wood floors and walls gives it a special charm, right?