8 Gifts of Christmas Original That Will Amaze Family and Friends

If you like to offer gifts of Christmas the original and with meaning, this article is for you. Check out some of our tips and surprise your friends and family.

8 Gifts of Christmas Original That Will Amaze Family and Friends

Forget everything that has been offered in recent years, it is time to surprise everyone with gifts Christmas original, creative, and irreverent. Yes, the traditional is always good, and it is something that you are sure that you will be happy, but if you choose gifts for Christmas, original and different that has been offered, you will see how all will be very grateful.

Have fun browsing through our tips, travel through the shopping centers, stores online, make your own gifts and find the results to be the most fun.




To you can enjoy the laptop in bed or on the couch, so comfortable, the foldout desk Laptray Pro Extream is the ideal response, with an original design and modern.

This product has been created to adapt to any surface thanks to its legs firm and bend, but always with a lot of stability, you want to put it on the floor, in bed or on the couch. And can still use it to read, draw, eat, be on your laptop computer or even as a coffee table.

PVP: 61,33€




In the world of the digital era, everything is concentrated in the computers, smartphones and tablets, and there are times that it would be important to have some of that information with us, or even to save something important. For this reason, a pen is a gift that is different, but very useful.

8 Gifts of Christmas Original That Will Amaze Family and Friends 3

This model of the well-known brand Mr Wonderful has the shape of a cupcake, so that all files are well aconchegados and insurance on the 16GB available.

Retail PRICE: 19,95€




The growing trend of “do it yourself” is always good: it is a great way to offer original gifts, made with love, tailored to the tastes and needs of the person to whom you will offer. Just choose the theme (beauty, food, fashion accessories…) and then choose the products that the other person would like to receive. Put everything in a basket, decorate and offer.

PVP: Make your own basket and spend what you want



The Artemix is an online marketplace, where any craftsman can sell their handicraft products urban, vintage, or other materials for the Portuguese market. And can be products of several areas: art, beauty, toys and dolls, home, weddings, sewing, crochet and knitting, jewellery and imitation jewellery, bags and purses, furniture, clothes, candles, among others.

As the variety is such, we suggest that you offer a voucher to the person who receives it buy what you like the most.

Retail PRICE: from 5€


The accumulation of money is something that we all must do, because no one knows when it may happen something unexpected that we stir it with the pocket… so, a piggy bank can be the ideal way to add real money almost without realizing it, and without great effort.

A currency today, alternative currency tomorrow… When you find she has brought together a good amount, and even if you can afford to buy something that you want to a long time ago. This piggy bank in addition to useful can be used as a decorative piece.

PVP: 7,81€


Are 192 pages to fill and organize the week in the best way and with it the guarantee that the next days will run much more quiet. It lets you organize tasks, save notes and to-do lists and even place stickers fun.

PRICE: 14,96€

  1. PLANT

Give a plant to someone means that we trust this person to take care of a living being. And the Aloe Vera is a plant that should not miss in any home, since it has several beneficial properties for both health and for beauty. And it is very easy to care for:

8 Gifts of Christmas Original That Will Amaze Family and Friends 4

  • Use a vessel broad and shallow for this plant;
  • Mix a little bit of land with sand;
  • In the spring, adube soil with earthworm humus;
  • If you have the plant indoors, place it in a place where it receives the greatest amount of natural light possible;
  • You should only water every 15 or 20 days.

PVP: has 3.99€


If you have a friend who is a real ace in the kitchen, he will love this Christmas gift: a box of Kitchen Knives composed by 13 parts, which will facilitate any task in the kitchen. The stainless steel blades and cables, bakelite confer a level of high and lasting quality. The kit includes a grinder, so that all the pieces are always ready to be used.

PVP: 26,43€