7 Tricks of The School of Decoration to Create a Comfortable Home at 20m 2

As most of you know, last week was premiered in the sixth program the school of decoration, created in collaboration with IKEA and Lorenzo Meazza at the head of the team. Today had the opportunity to see the second delivery with two new decorative challenges school professionals had to face.

One of them was the reform of a courtyard in a House with large family. In several environments, especially an area as a playground where children will certainly enjoy the most were created… But what really was at all impressed was the reform of a mini 20 square meters flat inhabited by two sisters, Ana and Irene, the result was frankly stunning and very inspiring for all who live in small spaces.

Seeing the before and the after gives the impression that we have been deceived and have actually thrown a wall to expand the small Studio with stolen square meters to a neighbor… But Lorenzo Meazza insists that not. The only thing they have done is analyze the available space and find the best solutions so that it adapts to the needs Ana and Irene, and clearly have succeeded.

The challenge was not easy. Ana and Irene had a bedroom with a bunk bed that also made room as living and local an alleged, without plate and hood, in which usually end up eating always something pre-cooked not stain… Then Lorenzo Meazza gave with the key, the problem was not so much the lack of space, but that that space so far had not created a home. So they got to work to create a home in those 20 square meters following a series of strategies that we will analyze.

  • Planning, organization and multifunctionality. Planning and order are important, but even more if possible when the spaces are small to optimize use. Also in minipisos the multifunctionality is essential, the same area must serve for various uses or we will not have space for all and so that can be so choose well furniture is one of the keys. Rooms here were clear enough, because in 20 square meters, there many options… But, for example, had to plan very well the distribution of appliances to put fridge, plate, oven and even a dishwasher.
  • Light colors. The use of light colours, in this case combined with various shades of beige, white is probably the reason that makes it seem that they have thrown some septum. To lighten the shades the study has gained in brightness and even seems larger. The use of white in a case so is not just a matter of trend, is a necessity to gain clarity and visual amplitude.
  • Storage up to the ceiling. If a floor is small, we have a problem of lack of meters in surface, but there is something that we can take full advantage and is the height. Especially regarding to the storage, cabinets can reach up to the ceiling and we will have more space to have everything well kept and neat, so we’ll increase comfort.
  • Extending table in the kitchen. This has been one of the tricks that liked everyone. Not content to put up the study for the two sisters, Aleix Alcaraz, who was primarily responsible for this reform, also wanted to prepare the House when there is visitors and guests, that Yes, if you propose it in 20 square meters you can make an excellent dinner with friends… That’s that Aleix chose a table with a flip-up area to be able to make it big when needed.
  • Sofa-bed. The study initially had a bunk, occupies small area to have two beds, so… But it is impractical for adults and very uncomfortable, especially at the top, when making the bed. In addition multifunctionality was missing and it was being used as a sofa is not. The sofa bed is a choice that is much more elegant and that allows you to really get the classroom environment without renouncing the comfort of rest during the night.
  • Modular cabinets. In the same line to take advantage of the storage up to the ceiling is the use of modular cupboards that leverage to the extent possible the wall, on the one hand adjusting to our needs on which to keep things refers and on the other to the space we have available. For example, in this case, part of the storage was organized in the own house entrance.
  • Details that create a feeling of home. If we have said before that the problem was not lack of space and the fact that the place in which Ana and Irene lived was not a home, we can not end this summary without paying special attention to the details that are that at the end just to determine that the House is really cozy. Textiles, lamps and lighting in general, and that TV in white color, to match all the furniture, which is to die for love… give a perfect finish to a small, but very well distributed and organized space.

If you too wish to a small study to become a real home, you don’t see this challenge of the program, I am sure that you will be a great help. And above all will give you lots of encouragement, because when you see the before it seems almost impossible to accomplish something cozy there and once you see the result is to hallucinate. To do with the friends of the school of decoration to surprise us next Saturday…