15 Objects that the Smartphone Led to Extinction

It is no exaggeration to say that the smartphone is a marvel of the modern world and that it has redefined the technological paths of our century. Who would have thought that an object that fits perfectly in the palm of the hand could have so many functionalities? Even the most creative imagination of science fiction fifty years ago would never have thought of such versatile hardware.

About the Smartphone

Have you seen any Star Trek episodes where Captain Kirk exchanges WhatsApp messages with Spock? Of course not? Even in alien technology such a wonder would be possible. In contrast to this technological advance, many objects have been losing space for smartphones, which, in turn, are increasingly distancing themselves from their main goal: making and answering calls.

With the cell phone, objects that were once indispensable became obsolete. Below we list 15, but if you remember any more, tell us! The selection is Well Safer and Carolina Peres!

1. Alarm Clock

If you’re over 25, you probably remember setting that old alarm clock so you do not have to miss the next morning. All this dissonance even went so far as to revolt. Indeed, some of these objects were thrown against the wall, in a legitimate and primitive act of morning rage.

2. Mirror

That little mirror that was obligatorily in the bag lost space for, you see, the smartphone. At the time of touching up the makeup or fixing the tuft, the narcissist on duty can check the look of the camera on the phone. Unfortunately, the mobile device (yet) does not provide beauty to its user.

3. MP3 Player

The world has become a great “ballad”. With the smartphone, the user can download the songs that they want (legally, please, huh?). From Beethoven to Taylor Swift, the sky is the musical limit for those who do not dispense a good melody on public transport, in the queue or anywhere else. Not to mention the streaming applications, which are gradually extinguishing the downloads. The poor MP3 player, which was an absolute success in the early 2000s, has lapsed and is now a museum object.

4. Photographic Camera

Do you remember Polaroid? No? Well, it was the technological override in which the photos were revealed at the time. In addition, old rock art indicates that at that time the first selfies were taken.Then the advent of the digital camera was quite a revolution. They dispensed with the ill-fated films that once limited the number of records of the photography enthusiast. But then came the smartphones with their “many” megapixels and overrode the photo-taking machines. On the other hand, there are reports that cameras are still used by professionals, but that’s just stories that people count on.

5. GPS

This is certainly not the oldest object that the smartphone replaced: up until five years ago it was sold to the rushers for the lost drivers on duty. However, as you already know, the smartphone came with its blessed real-time localization technologies. That feminine voice that showed the way with elegance was promoted and, today, inhabits the mobile devices of last generation.

6. Stopwatch

Are you going to run or do any other physical activity? Will you bet with your friend who stays under water the longest? Or just have nothing to do? Whatever the reason, a timer to measure time will be needed. But that little object that was an extra motivation during physical education classes lost space for the smartphone.

7. Scrapbooking

Every beginning of the year was like this: going to the stationery shop to buy a cute notebook to take notes. This ended after the arrival of the smartphone. With it the agenda became intelligent and even gets to send messages so you do not forget a specific task or event. Trees thank technology.

8. Voice Recorder

In the past, a voice recorder was a costly, often expensive device that needed to be serviced periodically by K7 tapes. Nowadays, all mobile devices already have a recorder, dispensing with additional costs with ribbons, batteries and the like.

9. Calculators

The smartphone (also known as the new terror of mathematics teachers) did not even retire the calculators. After all, any neighborhood trade that counts you still boasts a flashy calculator that still emits sound with each key pressed. On the other hand, for an ordinary citizen who wants to make complex (or even less) mathematical operations, the estimated mobile device is a good call for precision calculations.

10. Wristwatch

Let’s agree that the wristwatch is still a personal item that few people have given up, after all it is a representation of status and style. However, to check the hours, the mobile device is already the main source of information. People who do not know how to look at pointer watch thank you.

11. Portable Video Game

Nintendo still holds the lead among portable games with its 3DS – for those who do not care much about Mario, Luigi, Pikachu and the like, the smartphone is still a fun and economical option. Instead of paying $ 150 in the new game of the Zelda franchise, for example, the user can download the latest version of Angry Birds or break the head in Candy Crush or simulate a flight in Fligh Pilot, among thousands of other options.

12. Radio

One of the most beloved and influential media of all time lives firm and strong in smartphones. With mobile devices, you can tune in to the AM or FM station of your choice, dispensing with the analogue payloads that made you hard to choose a radio station. 

13. Time Man

This is not an object, but it can be said that it was also replaced by smartphones. Who has never watched the newscast just to see the weather forecast and ask themselves, “How can she point to the clouds and cold air masses of Antarctica just looking at the studio’s chroma key background? “. This waiting and cruel doubt ended. Nowadays the user worried about the temperature, or with the weekend that “is not going to give beach”, can inform itself by means of time applications already installed in the smartphone.

14. Flashlight

It was not a common thing in people’s everyday lives before smartphones. Even today, the flashlight is used unprecedentedly, whether to illuminate the inside of the bag or to rescue something that has fallen into the darkness of the cinema. In everyday life, the good LED of the cell phone sometimes acts as an efficient source of light.

15. Encyclopedias

With easy access to the internet and in turn to Wikipedia, your grandmother’s old and dusty collection of Barsa can be donated to a library or can be resold in the nearest sebum. With the smartphone you discover in a matter of seconds what the death of Archduke Ferdinand has brought to the history of mankind or which musicians integrated the formation of Pink Floyd in the fifth album of the band, thus, wasting time with endless searches in the index and Sneezing with the dust emanating from the old pages of the encyclopedia.