Choose Vinyl Stickers for The Wall

Stickers for the crib to get out of the routine.

Choose well your vinyl for the wall of the crib and do not settle!

Decorative children’s vinyls for babies are suitable for decorating the walls and achieve that original effect you are looking for in your baby’s room.

But how do you choose the most appropriate sizes of stickers if you do not want to overload?
How to decorate the crib area charmingly without overdoing the details?
If what you want is to give a childlike touch without forgetting the elegance and you can not imagine the result… Here are some tips!

Choose the decorative vinyls for the crib

Choose Vinyl Stickers for The Wall

Are you getting a little crazy with all the details of your baby’s room…? 
I know that you want it to be perfect and that sometimes online stores do not make it easy for you to choose between models, colors and measurements…
You’ve already gone through the furniture, lamps and paint… and you’re on the final stretch… do not go to Annoy it with the last details and I choose a measurement too small or enormously large for vinyl drinks from the cradle. 
It is the most important area! Your baby is going to spend hours there and it will be the first things you see and see. Surely you will share tremendous moments there…Choose Vinyl Stickers for The Wall 1

For me it is basic that you hit on everything, I remind you some links that I want you to keep in mind:

And now measure your vinyl for the cradle of your baby:

You already have your crib placed in its place … (important that it be) If you can not wait.. Make sure all the measures, heights and position of all your furniture.Choose Vinyl Stickers for The Wall 2

And start…

Measure the free space left on your wall Once you have all the furniture in place.
(If your ceiling height is standard, you can stay about 140-160 cm free.)
And now the width of your wall: 200, 250, 300…

Both measures should be taken into account and I would write them down. They will be very important to achieve the relaxed and elegant atmosphere you are looking for.

One thing that you should also consider is the position of your furniture.
Apart from the cradle, are you planning to place any furniture under this wall? Will you place the changer?

Vinilvip’s baby vinyls…Choose Vinyl Stickers for The Wall 3

To place the vinyl Baby Pajama on the moon:

In this vinyl design…. What you are going to send is your height for the owl stickers. The smallest one with a height of 60 is perfect for walls of 200 or even 250cm. And if your wall is superior decide for the great without hesitation.

When you go to place it in height, pulling to low… sure that you hit. And just complement it to the sides with all the stickers of stars that you come included with your adhesive.

Create your own style and give it the shape that you like. Play them by mixing the different sizes and you will be deluxe I’m sure!